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المعارض القادمة
CarraraFiere Exhibition Centre

4x4 FEST 

المكان: CarraraFiere Exhibition Centre  
بلد: Italy
مكان العنوان: V.le G. Galilei, 133, Carrara, Italy
التاريخ: Oct. 10 - 12, 2014
الموقع الرسمي لشون فارس:
Already a few hours after the official closing is evident satisfaction with the performance of 4x4Fest, thirteenth edition of the Off-Road Vehicle, which was held at CarraraFiere from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th October. "I think that the general assessment, especially from exhibitors , is very positive. Of course, expect the official data of closing but we expect to have had a presence of nearly 29,000 visitors with a clear majority (almost 90%) from outside the province: from more distant cities and islands. In fact, the number of tickets sold for inputs more days went beyond expectations, a clear sign that, for many visitors, it was a weekend or holiday work. The world of off-road - says Paris Mazzanti CarraraFiere - has clearly chosen our event as the reference event for the exhibition and the technical level of completeness and spectacular events. The participation of many foreign brands testifies to the size that we have achieved thanks to the collaboration with the associations who through their efforts in organizing events, have made ??a very important contribution to the success of 4x4Fest. The opening of offroad motorcycles has confirmed a correct choice and very popular with visitors to the show that these media provide on our tracks. Requests beyond expectations for the test drive reserved for bikes on the track at the Fair (very much appreciated the openness to children under the supervision of instructors) and the path on the beach. In contacts with the exhibitors have emerged some very interesting ideas and suggestions on which to reflect in order to achieve 2014 edition even richer and more engaging and will be further strengthened the performance of the bikes. Specific consideration deserves PROT.COM, the first edition of the conference and exhibition civil protection active community made ??parallel to 4x4Fest which also houses numerous resources designed for use in difficult terrain and under extreme conditions. We are very happy because we think we have started a process that can make CarraraFiere a point of reference at national level as demonstrated by the success of the conference "a pact for civil protection" which was attended by Franco Gabrielli current head of the department of protection civil sector and the father of the historian Mr Zamberletti. " Very satisfied with the way 4x4Fest exhibitors, Italian and foreign, for the trading day to stand where he was particularly appreciated the accessories that the industry has allowed us to propose a trade able to give priority to technical users. appreciation, unanimous, is also Associations. To Giancarlo Bridges , president of UISP - National League motoring, active since 1975 and now with 22,000 enrolled in the automotive industry, busy on the slopes, "we went over expectations with an exceptional public even on the beach where we gave birth to a hard fought trophy speed on the sand with the participation of leading specialists but also on the slopes within the complex. The participation of almost ninety car at the rally that has accompanied the crews on the tour of the cave - concludes Bridges - confirms the importance of 4x4Fest for our industry. " To Mark Pacini , newly elected president of the Italian Federation of Off-Road Vehicle (FIF) "was a 'edition very lively and the audience's passion can be seen on the slopes and not only that: the tour of the caves that we had a record inflow organized with two hundred subscribers so excited that we had to increase the number of submissions and carers. It reinforces the relationship with the land but also the proper use of intelligent and a medium that has a growing number of users thanks to the continuous innovation


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